Monday, August 22, 2011

Demons of the Ocean by Justin Somper

Title: Demons of the Ocean
Author: Justin Somper
Series: Vampirates #1
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Year: 2005
Read in: Dannish
Where'd I get this copy: Library
Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean on Goodreads.

Teaser (from Goodreads):

Twins, Connor and Grace, never dreamed that there was any truth to the Vampirate shanty their father sang to them before he died, but that was before the two were shipwrecked and separated from each other. For Connor, who is taken aboard a pirate ship, there's the chance to learn to swordfight, but for Grace, aboard a mysterious ship of vampire pirates, the danger is great. What will it take for them to find each other?


I read this as a part of a deal I made with Mette: I would read this in exchange for her reading Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. A win-win situation, am I right?

A really great fantasy read.
Pirates: check.
Vampires: check.
Twins: check.
Mysterious overprotective, cute vampirate: check.

Just about all the things I love reading about. :)

Whenever I reached one of the chapters about Connor I was struggling to not skip them. Not because it bored me, but I found Grace's story to be just a wee bit more interesting.
And Mette: Yes I see what you mean. I need to buy a Claddagh ring as well. Found a pretty one at the small price of $250. :D

It left me, like with most other books, wanting more.

7/10 score. 

Frederikke, out.

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