Monday, September 12, 2011

Books I got at the Library #3

Someone - please make it stop. I can't restrain myself. There are SO. MANY. BOOKS that I just have to read. Aaaah. And I'm probably the slowest reader in the world - jussayin.
'Kay. Here's what I stole this time:

The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan.
Fire by Kristin Cashore. (Yes, I am prepared for this being nowhere as good as Graceling but whatevs.)
Forbandede mødom by Sarah Engell. (Not translated, "Damn Virginity"? I dunno, I'm not very creative - and I haven't read it yet!)

Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I know I was reading this last week - more on that later - but that's because I hadn't realised that the Danish version of the book was split up in two. Stupid. Anyway, I read the first part and l-o-v-e-d it, couldn't put it down. Unfortunately I had to. But finally I have part two in my hands, and ... Yeah. :)
The Museum's Secret by Henry Chancellor. It's cover looks kinda steampunk-ish so what the Hell.
The Coming of Dragons: The Darkest Age I by A. J. Lake. Woo! Remember when I brought #2 home from the library? Hahaha, yeah I'm a joke. I know two things about this one: dragons & romance-free. Exciting? Maayybeee. (Yes).

Blood Ties by Gabriella Poole. Second one. Huzzah. I really hope this one's better than the first. 
Glass Houses by Rachel Caine. Really freaking excited for this one. Spotted it quite a long time ago, actually - a year, more or less. 
Velkommen til dybet edited by Mathias Clasen (anthology). (Not translated, "Welcome to the dark" would probably fit it very well.) Horror, and such.

That's about it, folks.

Frederikke, out.

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  1. At læse overhovedet er bedre end ikke at læse (særligt meget)! Jeg har næsten ikke tid til at læse, konstant faktisk.

    Derfor er det vel egentlig godt, at min ordre er blevet rykket IGEN, denne gang forventer de, den ene manglende bog leveret til d. 20 september.

    It kills me. Slowly. With poison.