Friday, September 16, 2011

Forbandede Mødom by Sarah Engell

Title: Forbandede Mødom (not translated, "Damn Virginity")
Author: Sarah Engell
Series: Stand alone
Publisher: Carlsen
Year: 2011
Read in: Danish
Where'd I get this copy: Library
Forbandede Mødom on Goodreads.

Teaser (from Goodreads, I did my best at translating):

Maria and Christina have been BFFs since forever and have no secrets. But when Christina get's a new boyfriend she's quickly getting involved in a grown-up world where Maria isn't able to keep up with her. Yet. Because what happens if Maria doesn't sleep with her older boyfriend? Will he break up with her? Christina surely thinks so, and if that's the case it doesn't really matter if Maria is ready or not. Everyone else's already done it!

It should have been a Summer of friendship, love and partying but nothing could've been further off.


I know you probably hate me for reviewing a Danish book in English when it isn't translated, but bear with me. I haven't had time to finish any other books lately. Too much homework/Supernatural/and I tend to fall asleep at 10 PM while reading. I'm just so exhausted. WTF. Usually it's nowhere near possible to get me sleeping before 1 AM.

But let's focus on the book now, shall we. It was quite offensive. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if it'd been a romance novel instead of YA. Not so much the language, which was refreshing and free, but it had a quite light take on some heavy subjects. (I spotted everything from insecurity and sexuality to possible attempted suicide and selfconflicted pain or whatever.)

The girl (Maria) this book is about, got into some pretty nasty stuff. I mean, this whole book was just a downward spiral all the way. Even though (spoiler, spoiler) it all ends happily enough you will never be satisfied with this novel. There is no way. She had the best life, the cutest boyfriend and such, and then The World uses Group Pressure. It's very effective. Maria loses everything she's ever cared about. That's pretty much the whole book.

Kinda hard to say something amazing about this one. It wasn't bad, but when a book leaves you depressed it can't be healthy. Therefore,

3/10. Suck it.

Frederikke, out.

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  1. The book's title would prevent me from reading it all along. Too many clichés have been written on this topic.

    With the depressed feeling I see you are left with I can confirm my prejudices about books with this topic.
    I hate how virginal a lot of YA-novels are written but then again if THIS peer pressure thing is the alternative I'd gladly read ten more virginal sucky puppy-ever-after-love YA-novels.