Monday, September 19, 2011

Magician's Circle by Peter Haining

Title: Magician's Circle: More Spellbinding Stories of Wizards and Wizardry
Author: Anthology edited by Peter Haining.
Series: Kind of a sequel to The Wizards' Den: Spellbinding Stories of Magic & Magicians
Publisher: Souvenir Press
Year: 2004
Read in: Danish
Where'd I get this copy: Library
Magician's Circle: More Spellbinding Stories of Wizards & Wizardry on Goodreads.

Teaser (from Goodreads):

Spellbinding tales of wizards and magic from celebrated authors such as Roald Dahl, Ray Bradbury, Charles Dickens, and H. G. Wells are featured in this collection of short stories. Each selection relates a unique and fantastical world of secret rituals, wonder, and intrigue. Roald Dahl's "The Magic Child-Killer," in which witches plot to kill the children of Inkland, and Jacqueline Wilson's "Words Like Magic," featuring a 100-year-old toad who teaches a young girl to fly, are a sampling of this dynamic compilation.


As said, this was an anthology with novellas and such from some pretty heavy authors. Some stories were the cutest, others the silliest and yet others were breathtakingly epic. A fun combination, really.

It's fun to see the (VERY) different takes on magic through a hundred years. You could literally be reading about Roald Dahl's bloodthirsty witches, flip a few pages and you'd have Ray Bradbury's teenage witch, just looking for a little fun. Actually a lot of these stories were about witches. Terence Blacker's was, too.

My very favourite story was Georg MacDonald's "The Day Boy and the Night Girl". This was about a witch (REALLY?! Yep, really) who held two children captive in her castle. One, a girl named Nycteris, was never allowed to see the sun. Or any other kind of light. The other child, a boy named Photogen, was surrounded by light his entire life with the witch, never once seeing even a flicker of darkness. A very sick experiment, really. Anyway, that was one goosebumps-worthy story, I tell ya. I am so reading more of Georg MacDonald's works.

A very beautiful illustration of Nycteris and Photogen by ElizabethUnseelie

And that's really it you know. A rating for this anthology is almost impossible, as I then should have rated every story individually. But I won't. So it's a very happy

6/10, but The Day Boy and the Night Girl gets a 9/10.

Frederikke, out.

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