Monday, November 14, 2011

BogForum 2011

Hello once again, you guys!

I went to BogForum 2011 in Copenhagen this weekend -- basically the largest book expo in Denmark. 

And it was awesome. God, I can't even begin to describe it! There was so much to see and buy and so many people and authors to meet, and I was only there Saturday and Sunday! So I'm thinking I'll just show the books I got later on this month, but have some other pictures me and my mum took:

A) I got a new hat. Copenhagen equals shopping. There's not even a single alternative shop in my town, which is the second largest in the country, just saying. B) WE FOUND THE ENGLISH BOOKS. And so, I had to take them all down from the shelves and just drool. C) Purplezz.

Not the best photos, excuse us, but this is the Finnish author Sofi Oksanen (I have never read anything by her, but now I have my hands on a signed copy of Stalin's Cows) at the signing session. Asdfjhfgdkjh gorgeous woman. 


Sorry, I just.... 
How is she so beautiful?

Ah well. We didn't really take the many pics, but here are some from the Dennis Jürgensen (Danish horror writer. Mostly children's/YA horror) signing:

Please excuse my face. But, yay!, he signed one of my all-time favourite short story horror collections. I don't think it's translated into English, though. :/

Great time. I had a lot of fun. Of course I went and saw some interviews as well (Morten Brask, Ib Johansen, ...) but they're all Danish writers and Danish translators so yeah... :)

Frederikke, out.


  1. It sounds rather awesome. Why have I never gone to this shit before? - Hmmm. I fail.

    Finished any books lately? :-)
    I finished some... Most of the were rather good with only one exception!

    Now I am (mainly) reading Inheritance the final book in the Inheritance series (Eragon/Arven - do you know it?)

    BTW your hat is actually pretty cool.

  2. Non-book related, men det skal ud. Jeg elsker din stil. Marry me. Hvor køber du tøj henne?

  3. Min blog er gift. Men det er jeg ikke, medmindre du skulle være interesseret.. :p

    Punkshop har jeg også kastet mig en del over. Og emoshop. Og Black no. 1. Tak for de andre navne! :D Kender du også blue banana? Jeg har en gigantisk forkærlighed for deres sko. Og deres trøjer.

  4. Virkelig fedt!

  5. *empshop

    Gotiske sko ftw<3

    Det er virkelig trist, at der ikke er en Blue Banana i Danmark :( Men på den anden side, så sparer jeg nok også temmelig mange penge af samme grund.

    Du er heldig, at du har været inde i de nævnte butikker. Ville gerne se Punkshop-butikken, men den ligger vist i Silkeborg, så jeg må leve med internethandel. Bor du deromkring? :)

    Jeg sidder lige og kigger på X-Tra-Xs hjemmeside. Awesome ö