Monday, April 9, 2012

We, Two Boys by Aline Sax

Title: We, Two Boys
Original title (language): Wij, twee jongens (Dutch; Flemish)
Author: Aline Sax
Series: Adrian #1
Publisher: Clavis Hasselt
Year: 2006
Read in: Danish
Where'd I get this copy: Library
We, Two Boys on Goodreads.

I really, really love the German covers.

Teaser (from Goodreads):

Escaping from their burdensome poverty, twin brothers Adriaan and Alexander’s family emigrates from Belgium to New York City. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan, and Adriaan is the only one who eventually arrives in America. Alone in the city, he becomes overwhelmed and grows homesick. But before he can prepare for his trip back, he finds a reason to stay—an American boy named Jack. Powerful and strikingly honest in its portrayal of adolescent homosexuality, this is an engaging example of how some accidents can happen for the best.


I give up on writing a review. Here, have my status updates from Goodreads: 

03/19 page 70
"Well this is going to be interesting..."

03/20 page 88
"God, this is brutal. And it really happened. I feel sick." (note, what "really happened" was the treatment third class travellers were given.) 

03/20 page 107
"Fate is pretty freaking cruel to Adriaan. He just lost his twin brother. And dad. And mum and sister. I really hope he'll get a happy ever after eventually. On his own farm with Jack, preferably. But first: language barriers!"

03/22 page 195
"FINALLY met Jack and then it turns out he was the porter all the time! I don't even know any more. Anyway, Adriaan got himself a new job, moved in with Jack and is now saving money to buy tickets for his family... But what happened to JoAnne?"

03/23 page 236
"FINALL--oh. /Oh./" (
note,  Adriaan and Jack kiss.)

03/25 page 316
"Wow, in 30 pages Aline Sax changed everything the book is about. It's good but also weird, I guess?"

It has 330 pages.

We, Two Boys is definitely one of the best books I've read this year and it's really a shame that nobody's ever heard of it. So now I'm going to recommend it to everyone to increase its popularity.

The next book in this series only exists in Dutch (Schaduwleven) and German (In einem Leben wie diesem) so far... But I am such a big fan that I might buy it in German, just because. It would take several months to read it, I know, but still.

It's hard for me to review this book so others might get inspired to pick it up. So let me just encourage you to read it, and notice how beautifully the beginning and the end are woven together. Read it, and understand that "romance" isn't so much about Adriaan and Jack as it is about Adriaan and New York. It's a story of finding yourself again when everything that used to matter has been violently removed from your life. Already before Adriaan leaves Belgium he has to say goodbye to his mother and sister. Before he enters New York he has also lost his twin brother and father. But little Belgian Adriaan grows up and becomes the experienced New Yorker Adrian, who learns to let go of a past he has literally left behind.

My final verdict is,
Sob, this is the best book ever. Adriaaaaaannnn.


Frederikke, out.

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  1. Hehe, jeg har også en smule ondt af mig selv i øjeblikket. Griner. Der er ikke noget så afslappende og så stressende som bøger. =)

    Oh well, overvejer lidt, om jeg skal lave en lille konkurrence med mig selv, hvor jeg får læst nogle af de bøger, jeg allerede har stående. Hmm.